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Living the good life may be easier than you think. I have helped people through
hundreds of high-end transactions under a variety of market conditions.
Buying a luxury property has a way of making some people a bit nervous. Once you meet Emily you’ll soon find those jitters turning into a solid sense of confidence.


  • Emily has a philosophy that centers on the positive and right now there has never been a better time to buy.
  • Emily can help you find the perfect property, and with the low rates she can also help you explore all of the financing options available today.
  • Emily understands the market and knows where the best buys are right now and where they are not.
  • Emily has resources that will ease your worries when buying a home.

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Luxury Real Estate

Emily Sachs Wong


Broker Associate | @properties

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Chicago - Lincoln Park Office.

Office: 312-254-0200
Mobile: 312-286-0800
Fax: 312-873-3913


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